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Forums » Japan » Tokyo in Feb


Tokyo in Feb

by /bio/gercrys »

Have been to Tokyo and absolutely enjoyed the atractions ie Akasuka, Imperial Palace etc. Was thinking of doing a 2 day trip to Hokkaodo / Sapporo, to catch the highlights of the places. Is it too ambitious?


RE: Tokyo in Feb

by /bio/pauline-frommer »

I think three days would make more sense, since it's a four hour train ride between Tokyo and Hokkaido. If you have 3 or 4 days, you'll be able to spend more time sightseeing and less en route. Have a wonderful visit!


RE: Tokyo in Feb

by /bio/localbites »

2 days should be fine. Transportation is really good in Japan


RE: Tokyo in Feb

by /bio/aradralami »

Oh Tokyo, the perfect blend of modernism and culture!


While Kyoto is a traveller’s comfort zone, touristing in Tokyo can be slightly overwhelming. However, there are some amazing places in Tokyo which can give you a slight feel of what modern day Japan is all about.


It all depends on how much time you have to spare in Tokyo.


the 2 days it's not bad at all, here are some interesting places you can go to.


First off let me tell you, all these places are accessible by train, so don’t spend your precious yen on travelling by cab unless you want to experience Tokyo’s traffic! These are the places I had the honour of visiting myself, and I’m an amateur traveller, so your list might be different:


Tokyo tower/Tokyo Sky Tree - you may have to rely on the metros/trains to get to these tall view points, but the view is breathtaking, especially at night.


Akihabara - Dream come true for Anime/Electronics lovers! You’ll have to change a few trains to get here, there’s no dearth of avenues for shopping for electronics, tributes to anime characters and eateries. There are several holes in the wall where you can feast on Japanese meals.


Tokyo Imperial Palace - Now defunct, the gardens and old palace building (inaccessible for most part of the year) is still a peaceful experience right in the middle of the bustling megalopolis.


Tokyo Dome City - An entertainment zone adjoining a baseball stadium is a place where you can spend an energetic Sunday. So many amusement rides, avenues to eat and drink will keep you busy!


Koishikawa-K?rakuen Garden - For a modern business city, Tokyo still has a lot of places where one can relax and find piece. This 17th century garden just ahead of the Tokyo Dome City


Shibuya - The hub for shopping again! The famous Shibuya crossing is probably the only places in the world where cars stop for people to pass at signals so that they can move! Also, for Hachiko lovers, the famous statue of the loyal dog Hachiko-the greatest friend in the whole world will bring tears to your eyes at one of the 5 exits of Shibuya station.


Asakusa market and temple - There are many temples and shrines in Japan. The Asakusa temple and the area around it is truly a traveller’s haven - the vast market, the typical Japanese settlement around, and even the similarity it bears to Puri’s Jagannath temple back home is truly endearing!


Shinjuku - The Central Business District of Tokyo, here’s where you can click a lot of DPs for your social media profile next to Robert Indiana’s LOVE sculpture! It does take a long time to find this unobstrusive piece of art though!


What I’ve listed above is merely a glimpse of what Tokyo’s all about. For a traveller short on time and money, you should not miss visiting these places. There are many more places on my wish list for when I go to Tokyo next - Tsukiji fish market (provided I can wake up at 4 am), the various Edo sites - museums and castles, Ryogoku (for sumo lovers), and the nightlife that I missed, are definitely the first places I’ll go to the next time I’m there!

Tokyo, in fact, Japan is to be experienced. It can’t be captured even by the best camera in the world, which is why my answer carries no images. One has to go to Japan with an open mind, and the way the country accepts you is truly refreshing. Their special respect for India itself is inspiring. Hope this helps!


RE: Tokyo in Feb

by /bio/mangatsingh »

Japan is small but very beautiful but also one of the developed country in the world. Transport facility is increduble.

I think must visit places in Tokyo are Yayoi Kusama Museum, Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Sky Tree.

Thank You.