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Forums » Jordan » Need a reliable private guide for Jordan, with a wide range of knowledge


Need a reliable private guide for Jordan, with a wide range of knowledge

by /bio/madaly »

Would you be interested in paying locals or knowledgeable expats who aren't necessarily part of companies? Another option is to use a private tour guide search engines online. 

Some things you might want to consider for your tour--

For your outdoor interests, I would definitely check out Wild Jordan Restaurant and Tour Center in the . 

For diving, the Royal Diving Club in Aqaba has the most untouched coral reefs in Aqaba--it's one of the only hotels on the shore without an artificial beach. You can see great coral just off its pier, or pay a modest fee to be taken out farther into the water to see even more vibrant and pristine coral. It's fairly far from the main strip of resorts/hotels, but that's what makes it worth it. 


RE: Need a reliable private guide for Jordan, with a wide range of knowledge

by /bio/wanderwoman2000 »

I would like to find an English speaking guide for Jordan who has excellent knowledge of Jordan's history, they geography and some places that are not part of the standard tours. I want a guide who can design a tour for me personally, and it must include local experiences, not just the famous places but a taste of the food, architecture and cultural traditions.

I have heard that Jordan has great dive sights, so I want a guide that know about diving spots, the best snorkeling spots, climbing and hiking in national parks or other areas, or any other sports.

They also must know about places to stay from luxury to camping, because I want to have different experiences, also accommodation where I will meet local people.

Please don't recommend me some big, well known company that will put me on a bus with 50 other people, I am looking for someone who gives personalized tours for 1 to 10 people (as I may travel with a small group of my friends).


RE: Need a reliable private guide for Jordan, with a wide range of knowledge

by /bio/amit-shir »

Hello, Firstly, wish you a happy journey.   If you plan To make tours to Jordan firstly you will have to consult with a travel agency, it can be the best guide for your trip. But make sure that the agency is reputed and trustworthy or not. Talk in detail with them about the tour, Otherwise You can get visit a good travel agency on a website too.  I would like to suggest you a site "" by the help of this, I was getting a fully satisfactory Journey to Jordan before 2 months ago. They are provided good in service and well guided. I think you will also get more satisfaction as like me.