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Kenya or Tanzania

by moussie_1st »


Kenya and Tanzania are both quite similar and that makes me very undecided.

I have offers to bring me to Kenya in Sep and another to Tanzania in Jul. The key focus is the great migration. My husband also wanted to incorporate some landscape elements into the whole experience so that the overall experience is balanced.

Please let me have your comments. Hopefully, i can have a better idea.  Thanks!



RE: Kenya or Tanzania

by safaritravelplus »

If the migration is your focus then a masai mara safari would be perfect for you because one of the best sights of the wildebeest migration is always the mara river crossing as they try to avoid the crocs. That is usually around July to October sometimes however it comes early.

Something else you could do is to combine a Kenya and Tanzania safari. These two countries although neighbours have different safari experiences. You could start with a Kenya safari visit masai mara, Lake Nakuru known for its bird life or amboseli then head over to Tanzania for a beach holiday in Zanzibar. Lots of activities in Zanzibar including cultural tours.