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Forums » Lithuania, Latvia & Estonia » Riga, Latvia anyone?


Riga, Latvia anyone?

by /bio/tpmaxwell2 »

Has anyone been there and have recommendations on what to do on a 4-day trip?


RE: Riga, Latvia anyone?

by /bio/warlord »

  Yes, I took a few side trips out of the city actually.  One was visiting the Salaspils Concentration Camp and Rumula Masacre site which isn't too far away and accessible by a short trian ride.

  I also took a train for partial day to Sigulda where there are a few castles you can check out and also wander around in the hilly natural setting.

  Another option which I didn't do because of time, but have heard it was worth checking out too is C?sis and the castle there.  It may be possible to do a day trip starting out travelling by train from Riga to C?sis and then later on in the morning going to Sigulda for the afternoon and then back to Riga in the evening.

  Those are just a few things that I actually did (other than C?sis which was recommended to me).  So hope that helps a bit...


RE: Riga, Latvia anyone?

by /bio/arturz »

For staying in Riga I would suggest Baltic Suites apartments - great place to stay, a specialy if you are visiting as a group of friends or a family.

For activities check out: ( ) - there are lots of great ideas.


RE: Riga, Latvia anyone?

by /bio/mquartz »

Sure, Riga is a fine place, even if there is very little interest in it here on this website.

Fly into RIX and take the train or bus into town (or a taxi for approx. 13 Euros, no tax and no tip, like everywhere else in Europe, the price you see is the price you pay!).

The interesting part is called "Old Riga", "Vecriga" in Latvian, that's where the thousands of tourists stumble around. Go see what the guidebooks suggest, incl. the viewing platform high up on the Stalin-era brick highrise that houses the Academy of Sciences, and the fabulous modern National Library across the river from the old town.

Eat at Lido on Elisabethen Street (fabulous buffet-style selection, all day long, of mostly typical Latvian food - pile up your tray and be amazed at how little it comes to when you get to the cashier!). Go check out the Alberta Street art-nouveau buildings. Enjoy the many parks. Go crazy about the BEST Italian gelato next to the mini-Rimi (groceries) on Grecinieku iela by the corner with Kungu iela (Google Street View still shows the previous occupant Petkoff, and vacancy where now Rimi has moved in).

Take a train (slow and very cheap but it gets there pleasantly) to Cesis and check out the old and new castles. Find a way to get to Rundale castle (a mini-Versailles), by rental car or bus or touring coach.

Take a train down to Majori in the middle of the stretch of beaches of Jurmala.

Ventspils is a lovely harbour town with an interesting castle, fabulous parks and beaches. There is a long-distance bus from Riga that takes hardly any longer than a rental car would, and you don't have to put up with the lousy Latvian drivers (not all but way too many) who tailgate drastically and overtake in a risky manner against oncoming traffic, all while you're already doing more than the speed limit. (Latvia has a very high traffic fatality rate.)

Overall a very neat place to visit!


RE: Riga, Latvia anyone?

by /bio/lakisjim »

I have been to Lithuania to Siauliai,Vilvius,Palanga amazing places. I rent a car Siauliai to move to Vilvius and move to Palanga with train i stayed there for 3 days and then i rent a car Palanga to go bgack on Vilvius