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Forums » Lodging » Conde Nast Traveler Recommends Airbnb.


Conde Nast Traveler Recommends Airbnb.

by /bio/joanna »

In the Nov. '13 issue of Conde Nast Traveler magazine which arrived today the Ombudsman article featured a complaint by a user of TripAdvisor's FlipKey service for renting apartments.  The complaint concerned an apartment in Manila that was found on arrival to be filthy and uninhabitable and the renter sought a refund from the TripAdvisor site.  It was not to be, however.  Despite intervention by CN Ombudsman, TripAdvisor insisted that their guarantee did not extend to cleanliness.

I'm sorry not to have found a link to the article so I'll quote, "Ombudsman recommends using sites such as Airbnb, which offers more protection and covers the condition and cleanliness of the property."

After all my tooting of Airbnb's horn here & elsewhere I'm glad to see the site moving well into the mainstream with recommendations such as this.  The company's overcome trials in the past and has, for some time, been my personal site of choice for accommodation when I travel or otherwise need a place to stay.  Go Airbnb!


RE: Conde Nast Traveler Recommends Airbnb.

by drobert360 »

Thank you for pointing this out ... obviously their definition of guarantee does not meet a reasonable standard of fitness to occupy. .