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Your Favorite Hotels from All Your Travels

by /bio/billiv »

I was just thinking about the wonderful time we had on the Mosel River a goodly number of years ago, and how much we enjoyed our stay at Hotel Haus Lipmann.  That started me thinking about other favorite hotels and other types of commercial accommodations outside the USA, so I am listing my favorites from 60+ years of travel.

In no particular order and using no specific criteria except fond memories for this or that reason:

1. Hotel Haus Lipmann--Beilstein, Germany

2. La Grange aux Marmottes--Viscos, France

3. Hotel Brudermuhle--Bamberg, Germany

4. Hotel Messerschmidt--Bamberg, Germany

5. King Sejong Hotel--Seoul, Korea

6. Sawaya Honten--Kyoto, Japan

7. Yokichi Gassho Zukuri--Shirakawa-Go, Japan

8. Arcotel Velvet--Berlin, Germany

9. Hotel Continental--Venice, Italy

10. Burg Colmberg Castle Hotel--Colmberg, Germany

11. Amsterdam Bed and Breakfast Maes--Amsterdam, The Netherlands

12. Hotel Heintz--Vianden, Luxembourg

13. Becker's Chalets--Jasper, Canada

14. Sonesta Posada del Incas--Yucay, Peru