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Forums » Louisiana » Jazz Festival in NOLA


Jazz Festival in NOLA

by sumana »

How far in advance do you have to book both hotels and concert tickets? Anybody have advice on seeing the fest affordably? Many thanks.


RE: Jazz Festival in NOLA

by nras929 »

Regulars book their hotel for the next Jazz Fest when they check out from this year's Fest :).  Seriously it's not unheard of to book a year in advance. But by December room availability is getting pretty tight (ditto for flights...and even restaurant reservations start filling in for the hottest spots). Of course you never know when a last-minute deal will pop-up, so if you're a risk-taker and flexible about where you stay, you might get lucky if you wait till just a month beforehand (I wouldn't - and wouldn't dare advise that to anyone who's flying in).   

If by "concert tickets" you mean tickets to Jazz Fest itself, you can buy those right at the gate on the day of the event -- it never sells out (they just pack 'em in tighter). You'll save a few dollars buying in advance - they go on sale in late Fall at the deepest discount, then go up in price as the April event nears. You can buy online or at the Smoohtie King Arena box office if you're in the city or know someone there. Go to for details; if you get on their email list you'll get alerts when tickets go on sale.

If by "concert tickets" you mean tickets to nighttime concerts after Fest (which goes from 11am to 7pm), those vary by venue. Every theater and club in town has events at night. Some sell advance tickets, and many do sell out when popular bands are playing; other (mostly smaller) clubs are door-only sales. Their on-sale dates differ, but if there's a venue or band you love, start checking their websites around February. is a good source for finding evening shows. 

Jazz Fest is the BEST. Have fun.