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Katrina Tours

by Shivasana »

Hello all,

I am planning a trip to New Orleans in May, and was wondering if the Post-Katrina/Rebuilding tours were worth going on? It's a part of New Orleans that I would never otherwise see, so I wanted to know if anyone out there has taken these tours, and whether you thought they were worthwhile. Let me know. Thanks!


RE: Katrina Tours

by mhiggins0228 »

I'm a native and current resident. I haven't been on the tours because I lived through it, so I can't give a direct answer; but there are a plethora of books about the disaster. There are some innovative things going on, like Brad Pitt's Make it Right houses in the lower 9th Ward and Musicians Village, which is the 9th Ward but on the other side of the canal.

My suggestion is to visit these places or Octavia Books, which has a ton of books about New Orleans, both Katrina and non-Katrina related. The tour may be worth it but you won't see any devastation like you would have 6 months-1 year after Katrina.


Pauline Frommer

RE: Katrina Tours

by Pauline Frommer »

I took one of these tours about three years ago, and it visited many of the areas that were rebuilt and was very interesting. Best thing about them: a good percentage of the tour goest back to supporting projects in the city. Even though, thankfully, you won't see the devastation you would have just after the disaster, i think the tours are well done and worth it. If you go to the attractions section of this site you'll also see our New Orleans' author review.