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lee l

New Orleans Eats

by lee l »

OK, I admit it: I'm going to New Orleans mostly to eat. Everyone keeps suggesting I have a muffaletta sandwich, but,'s a sandwich! Is it worth spending one of my precious meals on it? Seems like a wasted opportunity unless it's a really stupendous sandwich (was thinking Central Grocery).

Also on Commander's Palace I'm hearing mixed things. Is it still great or just a tourist trap now?



RE: New Orleans Eats

by Mango »

I've always been underwhelmed by both the Muffaletta sandwich and Commander's Palace (the latter is definitely past its prime, I think). Instead, I highly recommend Brigtsens, Cochon and August. Hope this helps.


RE: New Orleans Eats

by Harold »

Skip the Muffalette, skip Commanders Palace. Try August, Mother's for breakfast and Cochon. And of course, you have to get beignets at Cafe Du Monde.


RE: New Orleans Eats

by lojoblais »

Go to the Central Grocery & get a muffaletta for lunch.  It's huge, but you can buy a half or I think even a quarter.  Yes, worth it!  It's something you cannot get anyplace else outside of New Orleans.  I've been to some good cajun type restaurants  they have what they call a muffaletta - not the same! Or get a small piece for a snack but try one.


Petunia for brunch is fabulous!