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Forums » Maine » Help with Maine trip in early August


Help with Maine trip in early August

by /bio/darmar61 »

I could use some suggestions on my itinerary up the New England coast. (9-10 days)My husband and I will be arriving in Boston on wed Aug 1st, rent a car, drive straight to Kittery and stay the night ( see some sights on the way).


Thursday-Drive to Portland, see some sights and stay the night there.


Friday-drive to Bar Harbor and stay 2 nights until sunday. Hang around for the day, and go to Timber Tina's Great Maine Lumberjack in Trenton. 



1)Am I allowing enough time in each city.  We arent hikers, maybe hikes, want to see scenery, lighthouses, etc


2) We should have 3-4 days to play with after Bar Harbor, any suggestions as to where to visit north? anything worth seeing? We have to be back in Boston Friday where I have a hotel for the night.


3) Being we are going up the coast, should we come back I-95?


Any and all suggestions are welcomed.thanks!