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Forums » Malaysia & Singapore » Is that really the S1 rewards?


Is that really the S1 rewards?

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So I am a Samurai who pretty much stopped playing after Round 4. I realized at that point there is no reason to put in hours of effort in trying to win the war as hard efforts won't win wars given the fact that there are 3 factions whom will determine who wins. Samurai being the faction with the most deployed assets and still coming in dead last (31 Vikings) (18 Knights) (11 Samurai) in round 4 proves it. "Two against one".

Today I decided to check on Youtube to see what kind of rewards Vikings were given. Ornaments for every champion currently released... are you kidding me? You reward 1 faction with all faction rewards. I can't even think of any logic that, that would even begin to make this come to sense. Where is the incentive to stick with the faction you enjoy playing through thick and thin no matter how strong or weak they currently are? Maybe then people might stick to their own faction they have chosen instead of sticking to the flavor of the month (most broken champions).



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