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Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia Itinerary Help

by /bio/nick04 »


We are a family of 3 (with 4 year old daughter) planning to visit Asia (Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia) for 12-14 days.

Here is the Itinerary we are planning to work with.

Day 1 – arrive in Singapore at noon

Day2, 3 – Singapore

Day 4 – Arrive in Georgetown, Penang

Day 5, 6  – Georgetown and arrive in KL

Day 7, - KL

Day 8 – arrive in BALI

Day 9,10,11,12 – Bali (May be go to Gili island)

Day13 – travel home


1.     Do you have any suggestions? Do we need 2 days in Georgetown or should we spend an additional day in Bali and visit Gili island?

2.     From KL to Georgetown – should we take the train considering air asia has flights costing pretty much the same as the train. What makes more sense in terms of time and accessibility? – train or the flight?

3.     Do we need rental car for places like Penang/Georgetown and Bali?

4.     Is 4 days enough in Bali considering there is lot to do and see. Do you recommend going to Gili island?

Greatly appreciate your help.