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Forums » Maldives » How to plan Maldive Holidays?


How to plan Maldive Holidays?

by /bio/tomclark »

Hi Everyone,

I am a travel expert and always help other tourist to plan their trips in optimize manner.

Maldives 3 day trip itinerary can be planned as below - (I want you all to give some different suggestions on this planning)

Book four seasons resort at Kudra Huraa which is located nearby to top surfing spots in Maldives..Adventure can be a great idea i.e snorkeliing, surifng, water sports and many more if you are choosing Four Seasons resort.You can  arrive at Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Kuda Huraa by speedboat from Malé Internatioal Airport. 

Day 1 in Maldives - Relax at the pool or view turtle pools at Marine discovery center. Go out to watch the wonderful sunset at Sunset Lounge.

Take a last leisurely stroll down the unending stretch of sand..Have a yummy meal at your resort in the presence of lovely night view of beach.Enjoy your first night.

Day 2 in Maldives - Enjoy a stroll around beach and head up for healthy breakfast.

After that plan to head to the PADI 5 -star IDC centre to take beginners' lessons for scuba diving or to join a diving ecursion for the first time ever..It is a exotic way to explore coral reefs in Maldives.

Have a lunch full of Maldives speciality dishes.

Sail across lagoon the spa which will give you calm feeling and relaxation after doing scuba diving for long time.

Join sunset dolphin cruise in the presence of hundreads of dolphins spinning next to you.

Day 3 in Maldives - Get ready for your first time kayakaying excursion.

Enjoy your favorite breakfast with bbq.

Again spend quality time with your partner at the resort pool or join the surfing school.

Have your lunch set up on the infinity pool with awesome beach view.

You can do adventure activites such as paragliding , jet- skiing and wakeboarding.

Go on shark safari for snorkelling.

Enjoy night spa.

This is how Maldive holidays are planned with optimized time and money both.







RE: How to plan Maldive Holidays?

by /bio/linusyanez »

wow! sounds great!


RE: How to plan Maldive Holidays?

by /bio/sean321 »

No doubt that the Maldive is a great country for the traveling. It is the best destination for the traveling. Suman, I agree with you. The Maldive beaches are the top of the list where we can enjoy many things. These beaches are also famous in the world.


RE: How to plan Maldive Holidays?

by /bio/rishwa »

# 1 Website about local Maldives islands with tons of info Budget Maldives.


RE: How to plan Maldive Holidays?

by /bio/julia8 »



RE: How to plan Maldive Holidays?

by /bio/steffanhayden22 »

Good job @Tomclark!! Good information you have shared. This post will help everyone who are especially new honeymooners. Also, we know that Maldives is one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world 


RE: How to plan Maldive Holidays?

by /bio/joseph_black »

I think trips are always amazing. I love to go for long trips till now in my life I went to Mexico, Malaysia, Paris, Hongkong. These are amazing places one should definitely go for.there are many more places in my list to visit in the rest of my life and I am looking forward to doing so. So always get inspired and keep traveling.