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Forums » Mali » A Trip I'm Considering. Need Feedback


A Trip I'm Considering. Need Feedback

by salina »


Here's the gist of it: New York to Bamako, spend several days there; take a twelve-hour bus from Bamako to Ouagadougou, visit the city and some villages toward the north. Ideally, also take a quick trip to Niamey, then back to Bamako or Ouaga, depending on the tickets.

As risky as the Malian leg may sound, I have the impression that southern Mali is not (or not yet) under danger from AQIM.  Am not sure how to research that bus ride - seems safer than renting a car - and don't know how to evaluate security at the Bamako latitude.


RE: A Trip I'm Considering. Need Feedback

by /bio/trippingunicorn »


It seems I got here a bit late. Did you make it in the end?

Anyways, I would like to post my experience in Mali, in case someone is interested to explore it in a near future.

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