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Forums » Massachusetts » Boston for the Fourth of July


Boston for the Fourth of July

by melinda »

How far in advance do we have to camp out on the lawn to get good seats to see the Pops and fireworks? I'd like to do other things that day, as well. Any advice?


RE: Boston for the Fourth of July

by kibble »

Honestly, I recommend going to the other side of the river, the Cambridge side.  They set up HUGE speakers, so you get all the music.  The fireworks are done on a raft on the river, so you don't miss a bit of them either.   That's what I used to do, and I've never done the Esplanade on July 4.  It's just too crowded.

You can't camp out on the Esplanade.  They ended that years ago.  They let you enter the Esplanade at about 6am, but there are huge hordes of people there at that time.  

They have a dress rehearsal on July 3, so you can get all that entertainment, and then just go to the Cambridge side on the 4th.


RE: Boston for the Fourth of July

by emmabail »

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