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Forums » Massachusetts » Boston Parking/driving


Boston Parking/driving

by robinw222 »

Hi,  My daughter is travelling to Natick MA for a seminar and is picking up a rental car on her arrival Thursday.  The seminar begins on Friday so she and her travel companion are planning on going into Boston Thursday afternoon,  park, walk around and then head to Natick later that evening.   Are there areas they need to avoid when trying to find a parking location? I have seen some apps that feature parking services.  Any thoughts on those?

Also  since they only have about a half day (plus the evening),  anything they should focus on? Freedom Trail?  Duck tour?






RE: Boston Parking/driving

by billiv »

Can't answer about parking.  But as to what they should focus on, I would think it would depend on their interests.  Freedom Trail is interesting if you like history; there are a number of excellent art museums and galleries if art is of interest; great restaurants and clubs if you are a food and party person.


RE: Boston Parking/driving

by traveling_nemo »

Most of the parking is pretty equal.  I would search online to see if ther are any discounts for the day she will be in town & go with it.  There are many places to choose from & bad online reviews/rating can hurt a business pretty quickly so, most places take good care of your vehicle.

Boston has one of the better metro systems in the US but, I would suggest finding parking near the attractions she is interested in to minimze time spent in transit.  A half day is not much time in such a historic city.