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Forums » Mexico City & Colonial Cities » Mexico City Trip Report / Photo Journal (love this city)

esme travels

Mexico City Trip Report / Photo Journal (love this city)

by esme travels »

Hi All –

Just posted my trip report/photo journal from traveling to Mexico City, Cartagena and Bogotá. Didn’t care for Bogotá, liked Cartagena and LOVED Mexico City. Hope you like it, find it helpful.



Mexico City
• Stay at Red Tree House, one of the most charming hotels I’ve found
• Hang-out in Condesa at night
• Reserve at least a day for wandering through Chapultepec Park
• Get contemporary at the Museo de Arte Moderno
• Relax at the Libreria Porrua (Chapultepec Park)
• See how the other half live in Polanco
• Visit the Soumaya Museum
• Don’t miss Centro Historico: the Palacio de Correos (post office) for its architecture, the Alameda Central park for its energy, the Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral for its organ, the Templo Mayor for the culture and the National Palace for the Diego Rivera murals


• Walk the ramparts at dusk
• Visit the Castillo San Felipe de Barajas
• Have a drink at Café del Mar
• Stay at the Santa Clara (if money is not a factor)
• And most of all, explore the Getsemaní neighborhood for a glimpse of real life


• Wander through La Candeleria (but know the boundaries)
• See the candy-striped El Carmen Church (La Candeleria)
• Seek-out the crazy watermelon-colored zigzag house (La Candeleria)
• Ride the funicular up to Monserrate
• Take the local bus to the Salt Cathedral in Zipaquira

Darren Kap

RE: Mexico City Trip Report / Photo Journal (love this city)

by Darren Kap »

Very cool. Thanks for posting. We'd been considering Mexico City. Will try and get a place at the Red Tree House.


RE: Mexico City Trip Report / Photo Journal (love this city)

by Ramonlv »

A good little insight, thanks. I can see you like to relax in the city too so we must be on the same wavelength! I wrote this article on the best things about life in Mexico City which I suppose gives visitors another angle on what to look out for if visiting DF.

esme travels

RE: Mexico City Trip Report / Photo Journal (love this city)

by esme travels »

Good article on Mexico City architecture in the New York Times Travel section today:   Can't wait to return in November.