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Forums » Mexico City & Colonial Cities » Petty theft in Mexico City


Petty theft in Mexico City

by paweber »

My sister-in-law and niece were robbed at gunpoint over the weekend while riding in a collective taxi (aka "Combi") near their home in the northwest suburbs of Mexico City (Naucalpan). Combis, or collectivo taxis, are typically minivans which run along a fixed route picking up passengers at a low fare. You can recognize them by their listed route ("ruta") on the front windshield in paint.

Their cell phones and cash were taken; fortunately nobody was hurt. The thieves jumped into the minivan at a stoplight, brandished their weapons and relieved everybody on board including the driver of their valuables.

Unfortunately this is a common crime that Mexicans live with every day.

I post this as a reminder that while Mexico City is generally safe for tourists that stay within the tourist zones, it is still prudent to take some basic precautions - most of which are applicable no matter where you travel in the world.

  • If you take a taxi, take it from a fixed taxi stand (Sitio) or have your hotel/restaurant call you a "Radio Taxi". Riding in a gypsy cab is just asking for trouble.
  • Lock the doors and keep the windows rolled up when in a private car or taxi.
  • Keep a list of your passport numbers, credit card numbers and international direct dial phone numbers of your credit card companies on a list you can easily access in case of loss or theft. What I usually do is scan the first page of my passport and e-mail it to myself along with my credit card into. That way I can get to it anywhere in the world as long as I can get online.
  • Know how to contact your cell phone company sp they can turn your cell phone into a brick in case of loss or theft. Put a strong password on your cell phone (I have a 9 character password on my iPhone) rather than the weak 4 digit codes most people use IF they use a password at all.
  • Make note of your nation's embassy or consulate telephone number in case your passport is lost or stolen. Having a copy of the photo page of your passport will help expedite replacement.
  • Don't flash cash or valuables.
  • I'm a photographer but I minimize my camera equipment when traveling.
  • Use ATMs inside banks or inside secure rooms outside of banks. Do not use ATMs after dark.
  • Do not resist a thief. Your stuff can be replaced. You can't.

RE: Petty theft in Mexico City

by /bio/sunseeker »

It's terrible to hear that such things happen. It's not just Mexico - theft at gunpoint and kidnappings are frequent in Latin America. Recently I heard Argentina is becoming more and more dangerous.

Thanks for letting us know all the tips and other details... 





RE: Petty theft in Mexico City

by /bio/ramonlv »

Thanks and I agree that Mexico City is relatively safe for tourists. I