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Forums » Mexico City & Colonial Cities » Special Occasion Dinner in Mexico City


Special Occasion Dinner in Mexico City

by karez »

We're celebrating our anniversary on an upcoming trip to Mexico and are trying to decide between Biko, Maximo Bistro Local and Pujol.All three are well-reviewed so we're having trouble deciding. Does anyone have a reason one would be better than another? Or there one we're missing? Thanks!


RE: Special Occasion Dinner in Mexico City

by paweber »

I like Puljol's tasting menu. Also look up Izote.


RE: Special Occasion Dinner in Mexico City

by /bio/pauline-frommer »

Biko is overrated (found it very disappointing). Its been a few years since I've been to Pujol, but it still has an excellent reputation and the food was exquisite when I was there (a lot of molecular gastronomy tricks with Mexican flavors). Maximo Bistro is much more low-key than Pujol--its more like a neighborhood bistro--but the food is terrifc. And its so beloved that it almost brought down a corrupt politician (take a read here:

Have a wonderful time wherever you go and happy anniversary!