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Best Las Vegas hotel deals

by /bio/noreply123456 ยป

Hello Everyone,

I am going to Vegas next week and need some urgent advice. I thought I booked my hotel already but apparently I did not and wife is flippin' out... So for the dates I was looking the prices are rather high. The only really good deals I was able to find in the luxury discount hotels category is on HotelsDifferently and I found a few good deals on HotelsCombined too but there I could only find deals for hotels I would never stay at (Excalibur and Luxor). Any other sites you guys could recommend would be much appreciated (Target hotels are: Encore / Wynn / Mandarin Oriental / Trump / SkyLofts). Bottom line I will go with HotelsDifferently but the prices I could find there (even though much cheaper than elsewhere) are still on the higher end. I wonder if I should look into AirBnB or not? How reliable is it when it comes to owner-operated strip hotels?