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Forums » Nevada » Best way to combine Vegas and Canyon

Pauline Frommer

Best way to combine Vegas and Canyon

by Pauline Frommer »

To my mind, the Grand Canyon trumps everything on your list. And the best way to see it is to either hike along the North or South rim. When you go to the Canyon from Las Vegas, the trip will take you to the part of the Canyon that's controlled by a native American tribe and unfortunately, there's not as much hiking allowed and part of the canyon has been defaced with a large glass walkway. If I were you, I'd consider flying into Phoenix and driving from there to the canyon, so you can spend a few days enjoying it and the surrounding area. From there you could fly to San Francisco (though that could be pricey). I hope this helps!


RE: Best way to combine Vegas and Canyon

by jairofrcht »

Good day to all readers of this forum. I am planning a trip in October that combines San Francisco and Las Vegas, and I'm in doubt about the best way to see the canyon. I want to leave Vegas for last because of the purchases I'll do there, so I figured catch a flight from Los Angeles to Flagstaff, and sleep in Tusayan for 2-3 days and enjoy the park. It seems to me that the flight experience (helicopter or airplane) is great, but a little bit expensive, very fast and gives you only a superficial view ...    Another possibility is to take a 1 day tour of Las Vegas to the Canyon West (bus + tour helicopter) or rent a car to stay longer in Canyon area (in this case would not go to the South Rim because it´s too far).   Does anyone have suggestions or comments? Any tips for hotels, tip on buying tickets and tours, etc?    Best Regards, Jairo F.  Sao Paulo, Brazil