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Forums » New Mexico » Day hike recommendations


Day hike recommendations

by whitedog »

Planning to spend a week in NM in mid Sept.  Have never been before.  Planning to hike everyday and will be primarily in northern part of state.  Recommendations for great day hikes please.  Thanks!


RE: Day hike recommendations

by AWineGeek »

Hello whitedog,

Sorry it has been a month since you posted your question. Not much traffic here in NM forum, my first time here as well. But your trip is in Sept so here goes.

2 memorable spots I enjoyed on a recent trip to NM were Bandelier Nat. Monument and Tent Rocks. Both are very easy hikes, but well worth visiting for the interesting sights.

Tent Rocks features some very cool rock formations, hoodoos, similar in structure to the type you see in a place like Bryce Canyon.  The short loop trails are easy, but very interesting. Unique landscape and geography.


Bandalier is a "must see" sight.  Very cool cliff dwelling and ruins, located near Los Alamos. In addition to the easy trail to view the dwellings there is also a hiking trail to a few waterfalls. and a fun climb up some long ladders to the upper dwellings.

Happy Trails.