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Forums » New York » Itinerary help limited time and husband using scooter


Itinerary help limited time and husband using scooter

by /bio/judyw »

My husband and I are arriving in a few weeks to New York for the first time staying in Manhattan at the Hilton Midtown. We arrive on Monday late morning and leave Friday. We have a presentation to attend for a couple hours on Tuesday at 1. My husband cannot walk much due to back issues and we have rented a scooter for the duration. I am trying to put together some type of itinerary to maximize our time. We would have Monday afternoon and evening, Tuesday morning and evening, and all day Wednesday and Thursday.

We are intersted in:

Chinatown and eating lunch there, empire state building, 911 memorial, statue of liberty and ellis island, seeing Times Square at night, Central Park, St Patrick's cathedral. Do they still do the free tours by locals?

Of course we would love to see a play. My husband suggested School of Rock. Is it best to buy tickets ahead of time or go to one of the TKTS booths? Any other plays we should consider? 

I tried to keep the list "short" considering amount of time we have and not knowing how much time we should allow. Is there anything we should definitely see that I have not considered? 

I would also love to know if there are places we can get breakfast near our hotel. Any thoughts, suggestions, and comments will GREATLY be appreciated.


RE: Itinerary help limited time and husband using scooter

by /bio/pauline-frommer »

I hope this response isn't too late.

The key to doing all that you want to do is to break up the city into quadrants, so you're not spending all your time getting from one place to the next. And you'll want to do the most time-consuming places during your full days. Those will be:

Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island: What with getting through security and the boat rides, this will take a full day. Luckily you can grab lunch on Ellis Island. Choose one of your full days and if you want to see the museum at the Statue of Liberty (highly recommended) try and get tickets TODAY. It may be sold out. If that's the case, I would stay on the ferry and just look at the Statue from it. You won't get a much better view from the shore, and without advance reservations you won't be able to go inside it. Ellis Island is absolutely fascinating, so you should still make the trip even if you can't do the SOL. You might do dinner in Chinatown the night you do this, as that's downtown, too. You could wander around in the late afternoon and then grab dinner. I recommend Hwa Yuan Szechuan (a new restaurant that's quite good).

You COULD do the 9/11 Memorial and Museum on one of your half days but it will feel rushed. I think it takes a good four hours to see. Get advanced tickets for that.

Then Central Park you can wander around easily during any of your half days. You're missing out if you don't go to the Metropolitan Museum (truly one of the greatest museums in this hemisphere) and they're very good with helping people with disabilities.

You'll be relatively near St. Patrick's and could tour it any day. Frankly, the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, uptown, is a far more impressive structure (and a more interesting visit), but St. Pats is nice. They have a free app you can download for a self-guided tour.

As for the free tours: That's Big Apple Greeters, and they're terrific. Try and book them TODAY, as they do fill up well in advance.

As for Broadway: go online to and get discounted tickets in advance. I really hated School of Rock (shrill performances, not great music). I'd recommend Once on This Island, Come From Away or Kinky Boots instead.

I hope this helps!

Best, Pauline



RE: Itinerary help limited time and husband using scooter

by /bio/lovet65 »

NY is a wonderful place to travel to and I am sure that you would be enjoying your trip to the fullest.

Exploring it on a scooter is going to be a fun experience but it will be great that you do all of the research about the attractions so that it can be easy to decide if you like certain type of attraction otherwise you can skip that. A lot of time will be saved that way.

Even I would highly recommend downloading the maps on your phone or can print them out (whatever suits you best). At you can download and print the NYC attractions maps for free so I would recommend checking that out.

And yes, do let us know how your trip was!