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Forums » New Zealand » 14 days in New Zealand and Australia - How to balance?


14 days in New Zealand and Australia - How to balance?

by /bio/emannbrooks »

My (future) Husband and I want to spend our Honeymoon in the Australia and New Zealand Area.  My best friend from college lives in Sydney so we will be arriving there on December 31st and spending the following day with her.  We're thinking about flying out of Auckland on Jan 14th.  Sadly, there is no flexibility on the dates.  We have a TON of airline miles and points so adjustment on the location for the return flight out is good with us.  How should we balance Australia with New Zealand?  

Below Points of Interest sound intriguing:

Hobart, Tasmania

Great Barrier Reef - learned it's miserable this time of year so I'm will to cross it off

Milford Sound




We love to be outside - hiking and kayaking.  We're not backpackers, but we're also not 5 star resort people.