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Forums » New Zealand » advice - 2 wk NZ in Feb with elderly mom


advice - 2 wk NZ in Feb with elderly mom

by /bio/jtoronto »

Mom is 76 and her lifelong dream was to visit NZ, so hubby and I are taking her next Feb.  BUT we only have 2 weeks off work and I'm realizing how much there is to see! We have already limited ourselves to Wellington + South Island and I took Ulva Island off my list (sad) because I figured it would need 3 days.  Still, our current plan seems like a LOT of driving and I'm concerned we'll tire out Mom (and ourselves).  Appreciate any suggestions (especially anything to take off the list).  Hubby loves wine, I love wildlife, Mom needs to visit Oamaru and friends in Christchurch.  We thought about taking train from Picton to Christchurch, but the arrival/departure times in Kaikoura don't fit well with the wildlife activities which are best early morning (we would have to add an extra day in Kaikoura if we go by train) - but still open to this option to reduce driving hours.  Appreciate any and all advice!!


1. arrive Wellington, rest, evening Zealandia tour

2. day trip (Kakiri island?)

3. ferry to Picton, pick up rental car, drive to Blenheim

4. winery tours to Kaikoura, whale watch

6. swim with dolphins.  Drive to Christchurch.  Dinner with friends

7. drive to Oamaru, see penguins

8. Oamaru

9. drive to Cromwell, winery tours

10. drive to Queenstown, lake cruise

11. fly to Milford sound, lake cruise, overnt

12. coach back to Queenstown

13. extra day in Queenstown, jetboat or river raft

14. fly home