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Forums » Nicaragua, Honduras & El Salvador » Camper truck trip


Camper truck trip

by /bio/niko000 »

Who has an experience of camper trip? I'm planning to fly to Central America and rent there the camper truck with the aim to travel to several places. My plan covers Belize, San Salvador, Managua, San Jose. Belize is a starting point. I would appreciate if you can recommend what route to take and what places to visit. I have no experience traveling by car, but I always wanted to try to. I have big expectations and almost sure that I wont be disappointed. Probably it would be a solo trip, so I need to clarify one more thing. Due to my doc's prescription, I have to visit therapist twice a week as far as I have some muscle tension after a long time drive. I'm starting to consider options for solving this problem. I would spend most time driving so that I incline to purchase a car massager BestAdvisor. They aren't much expensive though I have second thoughts whether I need to buy it or not, maybe there're some other advice on this case.