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Forums » Nicaragua, Honduras & El Salvador » on day in Roatan


on day in Roatan

by raxtor »

Hello Frommers.


I'm going on a cruise with my family and our first stop is Roatán.  So far we've checked that west bay is a must.  But we'd like to hear more options to spend the day that may involve a little more than a very good beach.  Is there any other interesteing things to do in a day?

Pauline Frommer

RE: on day in Roatan

by Pauline Frommer »

Sure, there are some attractions on Roatan that you can do in a day. Have you looked at our list of top attractions:

I'm hoping you'll find some ideas there. Have a great time!


RE: on day in Roatan

by Sean321 »

raxtor, I think One day is not enough for you to see the beauty of this Island. i ti sone of hte most famous and great Island in Honduras. You can enjoy there many acitivities like, Swimming, Diving and fishing there. You can also go Gumbalimba Park and Mahogany Beach. Both are located near this Island. I hope you will enjoy there a lot. I will also think for go there after completing my bus tours to niagara falls.