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Forums » Nicaragua, Honduras & El Salvador » Toro de Oro - longest power wave in El Salvador


Toro de Oro - longest power wave in El Salvador

by /bio/eliasresurrected »

The East coast of El Salvador is destined to be next frontier where surf tourism is going to grow in the next few years. Most point breaks in El Salvador are becoming crowded, victims of their own success. But in the East coast of El Salvodor there are still many uncrowded spots, with good quality surf potential. One of them is Toro de Oro, tucked between Las Flores and Punta Mango. During the winter season, March - October, it is recommended only for intermediate and advanced surfers due to size and hazards. In the summer, from November - February, waves are fat and small, and can be ridden by beginners in longboards and stand up paddle boards