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Forums » Nicaragua, Honduras & El Salvador » Updates required please!


Updates required please!

by /bio/2caipirinhias »

I'm travelling in El Salvador and Nicaragua usin Frommers and am a bit disappointed at some of the poor information. Has any one else come across this? The map of San Salvador lacks many key points and has misleading errors about the proximity of hotels to shopping districts. Also no mentions of the monuments to Che Guevera at Joya de Ceren and to Yasser Arafaton Jerusalem avenue no less!

El Salvador has huge amounts to offer so I think a book of its own please, come on Frommer's! I'll update on Nicaragua if i spot any bloomers there. 


RE: Updates required please!

by luckeedawg503 »

There are very few accurate guidebooks for El Salvador (where I live).  The most up-to-date info we have here is an online bilingual magazine - Waves Tours Fiestas.