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Forums » North Carolina » Crystal Coast - Morehead City, NC Trip Highlight


Crystal Coast - Morehead City, NC Trip Highlight

by /bio/gyoung »

After suffering through a record 6 mo. snowy Ohio winter, our family held high expectations for our Memorial Day trip to the Southern OBX.  We've stayed at Nags Head and Myrtle Beach before, but neither come close to the beautiful blue, almost Carribean clear water we are experiencing this week all along the Emerald Isle and Crystal Coast, NC.  Undoubtedly, the highlight of our trip was our day with Capt. Jess Hawkins, Crystal Coast Ecotours out of Morehead City, NC.  A professional marine biologist and native Carolinian, he exceeded everyone's expectations. If we had experienced any one of the large list of activities he offers, we would have been happy; he delivered _every_ thing we hoped for...  Wild ponies on the beach, sea turtles, seining, beaching the boat on unnamed islands and shoals and gathering sand dollars, shells, while he showed and taught us about coastal wildlife and the history of the area.  We fished and caught a wide variety of fish, even netting cannonball jellies from the boat!  He put us ashore at Cape Lookout National Sea Shore and gave a personalized tour.  He took the five of us out for over 7 hours on Memorial Day and covered coastline from Morehead to Cape Lookout and back. The total cost was only $375!  If we had taken the well advertised public tour boats that you share with others, following a set, not personalized tour as we did, would have cost us $100 per person, or in our case, $500.  I doubt too, that they would have gifted us with the beautiful Cape Lookout print  that Capt. Jess gave us. To say he has our highest recommendations is an understatement!  If we could go out again today, we would. He will remain at the top of our "don't miss list" next trip back to the Crystal Coast.