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Forums » North Carolina » John C. Campbell Folk School? Anyone been?


John C. Campbell Folk School? Anyone been?

by darshana »

I'm thinking of heading there for a photography class, but am worried that they do better classes in the more traditional arts. Plus what's the age of most of the folks who go there? I'm in my late 50's. Will I feel like the oldest in the group? It looks terrific from the brochure, but I'd love to hear from someone imparial who's actually been.


RE: John C. Campbell Folk School? Anyone been?

by /bio/lucyl »

I've been! It's a wonderful, wonderful place. And don't worry about the word "folk" in the name, they get top notch instructors in the more modern disciplines as well as the older ones. I think it's a truly magical place, with lots of spirit to it. As for your age: you'll fit right in. The place tends to attract older folks, who have more time to spend a week mastering a hobby.