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Forums » North Dakota » Road Trip Route Across NDak


Road Trip Route Across NDak

by ontheroadagain »

Can anyone suggest a good road-trip route across North Dakota for late September...part of a route from Minneapolis to Seattle. Interested in history, small-town eats (Guy Fieri been there?) and nature/geology. Prefer keeping the driving under 3-4 hours per day, to leave time for attractions...


RE: Road Trip Route Across NDak

by /bio/boomysean »

Hello, sorry if this is too late but hopefully you'll make your way through north dakota again. I grew up in Oregon but have visited North Dakota a few times to visit family and am somewhat familiar because my father was born there. I would reccommend interstate 2, the northern route. It will take you through Rugby, the geographical center of North America, Minot: the magic city, Williston where there is an oil boom, Malta Montana and the sleeping Buffalo Camp Ground, Glacier National Park, Chief Joseph's surrender monument "As the sun now stands I shall fight no more forever" is incribed upon it, as well as many others along the way. I hope this provides possible entertainment as well as fun and time to relax.