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Forums » Ohio » Amish Country Furniture suggestions please


Amish Country Furniture suggestions please

by /bio/jane_and_doug »


We want to take a couple of days to visit Ohio's Amish country.  In particular, we want to visit Amish Furniture makers.  Not just a retail store (although we will go to these as well), but the actual craftsmen that MAKE the furniture - especially dining room furniture.

We are thinking of going around May 20th, and being unfamiliar with the area, I'm hoping that other members would give us tips and suggestions for what area to go to, where to stay, and furniture craftsmen locations. 

We are driving from southwestern Ontario, crossing at Windsor/Detroit and will probably stay in Ohio for 2-3 nights. 

Appreciate any info you can give us!  Thanks!


RE: Amish Country Furniture suggestions please

by floyd »

There's good shopping in the town of Berlin. I'd suggest you head there.