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Forums » Online Reservations, Packagers & Tour Operators » Spending the winter on Gran Canaria


Spending the winter on Gran Canaria

by garry73 ยป

We have had enough of the cold, dark and wet winter in Germany as long as I can remember. Therefore, we have decided for the first time this year to spend the winter in Spain. Since we traditionally flying for years every January to Gran Canaria, it was an easy decision to winter here.

It goes without saying that we do not want to live in a hotel for such a long time. Instead, we looked around the internet for cottages that you can rent for a longer period. Even if it's on Gran Canaria in the winter much warmer than in Germany, it was important to us that the house has a heater. Because especially at night it can be really cold on the island. On an Internet portal, we then found a lovely holiday home. The monthly rent is cheaper than in Germany. And we need to buy food anyway. As we got our house can also be rented in Germany in the meantime, we save even money in Spain.

It was the best decision of our lives. We feel really comfortable. If you want to also book a property for a longer period on the island, just have a look here.