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Forums » Ontario & Toronto » Humanitarian and compassionate case of an old lady


Humanitarian and compassionate case of an old lady

by /bio/anthony21 »

Hi all, 

Last week, I came to meet Mrs. Darareaksmeya, a Cambodian lady of almost 68 years old. She will be deported back to Cambodia soon as her refugee claim had been rejected. 

Her whole family is settled in Ontario, Canada and they are suffering hard to find accommodations for her back in Cambodia as she has no family or close friends left in Cambodia. 

Actually, we all are really worried about what she will do when she lands in Cambodia. She had claimed refugee status instead of moving forward with the procedures of making her family sponsored. 

The immigration officials had to grant her a humanitarian appeal to stay on compassionate grounds in order to stop her deportation. 

We are planning to consult an immigration law consultant and luckily I could find one such consultant concentrating on humanitarian and compassionate cases

Do you know more about them? Any idea about their rates? Do you know what all are the procedures to be followed? Any comments or suggestions are always welcome. Thanks in advance.