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Forums » Ontario & Toronto » Looking for a suitable moving service across Canada!


Looking for a suitable moving service across Canada!

by /bio/michelle78 »

Hi Guys


Wishing you all a Good day!!


I’m glad to announce that our office space is being relocated from Toronto to Alberta.To move across Canada in an effective cost cut and the economical way, would opt for the do it yourself movers with easy and convenient moving containers.

We need to use only a moving trailer with only 12-foot container as we use only minimal furniture in our workspace.A driver will be provided for our moving across Canada

The moving service will provide us with a flatbed trailer and a driver.


The driver will be approaching us by morning 9 am itself. You can hand over your belongings inside the locked containers with him and will be intimidated once the cargo reaches the dispatch zone. You could be ready for the unloading without much hassle. Hoping that all you will cooperate on our DIY-moving to Alberta!!


Warm Regards,