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Forums » Ontario & Toronto » Travelling to Canada for the first time


Travelling to Canada for the first time

by /bio/camden »

Hi, I am new to this forum and looking for some advice.   My company is planning to start a new venture in Toronto. So I will have to be there to manage things as I am the head of this venture. I will have to be there for around 3-4 months until everything is set, after which my manager would look over. I have never been to Canada before. So I am not really sure about the procedures and laws there. I have heard that the changes as per the new Canadian pardon rules include changes to eligibility criteria, increased documentation and subjectivity.   I wish to know about Canadian pardon applications. How long does the whole procedure take? Can I apply directly through the Canadian Consulate or should I get the help of an attorney for this? I want to know in detail about the procedures. Looking forward to your replies. Thanks.