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Trip to Toronto

by /bio/samlo »

Hey guys! I got a chance to visit Toronto in August this year. I am thinking about using this opportunity to go to as many awesome places near Toronto as possible, like hiking trails, parks like Algonquin, Niagara Falls and more. So, I have a couple of things I need advice and suggestions. 1. Please tell me about places that I can go to, from Toronto. I don't want to visit museums or anything like that. Somewhere close to nature is what I am looking for like I have already said, Algonquin Park and Niagara. It would be great if someone could name more places. 2. When I came to Toronto for a month, a few years back with family, we stayed at a furnished apartment rental. I can't afford such apartments for this trip as I am alone and I am on a budget for this trip. I would like suggestions on budget friendly accommodation options, safe and hygienic, anywhere near Toronto. If anyone could talk about Canada weather during August-September and provide any advice, it will be a bonus for me.   Thank you!