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5 days in Oregon

by /bio/justinj »

My wife, 2 small children (3 & 6), and I will be staying in Oregon for 5 nights and mostly 5 days (flying out early on the 6th day) in mid July.  I have a rough idea of 2 parts of our destination, which would include at least 1-2 nights in Portland and possibly 3 in Bend. We are flexible and want to maximize our time.  My idea was to drive down Hwy 26 to Bend through Mt Hood area and return to Portland either through HWY 20 or 22. I have been told that we should stop and stroll around Multnomah Falls and appears to be a must see.  My question for the forum would be, what route would you take from Portland to Bend and returning?   What places/sights are suggested to stop and see on the road to Mt Hood?  Are there any nice towns in that area that might be a good place to stay for the night? What activities or sights are suggested in the Bend area?   Last, my kids love going to orchards or picking berries.  Any recommendations of places to stop on our way out of Portland or return to Portland would be greatly appreciated.