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Forums » Outdoor & Adventure Travel » Blount small ship adventures?


Blount small ship adventures?

by /bio/michaelglovre »

Hi there! I've planning an Outdoor  adventure travel with my wife and DS for some time. It was then I heard about the <a href=""&gt;small ship cruising at Blount  small ship adventures in Toronto</a>. They even have cool packages and offers that are welcoming! Anybody here who's been to cruise voyages before? What was your personal experiences ? Are there any knowhows that you could share. 


RE: Blount small ship adventures?

by /bio/pauline-frommer »

I'm sorry, but I've never heard of this company. Doesn't mean they're not legit, but they haven't crossed my radar. There's a very good site called which puts up user reviews of boating companies and better yet, pits them in direct competition with one another for bookings, which can lower the cost of a boat trip significantly. You may want to look there.