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Recreational Activities and Outdoor Games in India

by /bio/clearholidays ยป

India is full of tourist destinations that are popular for outdoor adventure sports and recreational activities. The list of outdoor games in India is Bungee Jumping, Skydiving, Paragliding, Parasailing, Go-Karting, Hot Air Balloon, River Rafting, Burma Bridge, Parachuting, Jungle Safari, Animal Safari, Trekking, Camping, ATV Ride, Jet Ski, Rock Climbing, Rappeling, Scuba Diving, Zip-Lining, and Zorbing. These are top 20 popular outdoor recreational activities in India and adrenaline junkies love attempting these adventure sports. Not much but kids/children have games like Burma Bridge and Zip-Lining. Those who want to try their hand on above outdoor games and recreational activities in India may visit for booking and latest pricing information.