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Forums » Pacific Coast » Safety in Tijuana


Safety in Tijuana

by /bio/thomasg76 »

Is it safe to travel in Tijuana in 2015?


RE: Safety in Tijuana

by /bio/pwweber »

That is a very open ended question with a big "It Depends".

I personally have no issue visitng the Rio Tijuana zone, including the shopping mall and cultural center there, as well as visiting the downtown tourist strip along Avenida Revolucion.

Day-trippers are advised to park on the US side of the border at any one of a number of pay parking lots and walking across. Usually you will not experience a document check by Mexican authorities but you will need your passport or passport card to re-enter the USA. After walking across the border follow the signs to downtown or continue straight ahead to the taxi stand to catch a taxi to the Plaza Rio Tijuana outdoor shopping mall. When using taxis in Mexico always use those from taxi stands or ask your restaurant to call you a radio cab.

To return to the USA ask the taxi driver to take you to "La Garita Fiscal"; he'll drop you off near the border crossing on the northbound side of the highway. Follow the pedestrians north along the sidewalk into the San Ysidro border inspection station.

What are your plans?