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Forums » Pacific Coast » Secrets Vallarta Bay, Puerto Vallarta.


Secrets Vallarta Bay, Puerto Vallarta.

by /bio/garryrf »

We emailed this hotel 2 weeks before our arrival.

It was our Ruby Wedding Anniversary when we arrived and we wanted everything to be perfect.

Four hours after we checked-in at Secrets reception phoned. At 9pm.

We had to move to another room. "We're asleep in bed "

"Then you must be at reception before 1pm tomorrow."

So we packed early the next day, went for breakfast then reception.

"We dont have another room, come back the same time tomorrow"

So we returned the next day and waited. Eventually they found one.

We went to check it out before moving.

What a dump ! The floor was dirty. The wind whistled through the gaps around the sliding doors on the 14th floor. You had to raise your voice just to speak.

Then we found shards of glass. In the Shower and around the Toilet. Some over 4" long !

So we returned to reception - again.

My Wife was now in tears and our Anniversary was ruined by incompetent Hotel Staff.

I was given another room to view and it looked fine.

It had been decorated for a Honeymoon couple who didn't show, the tub was filled with bubbles and flowers. The bed was turned down and had petals across it. Congratulations banners etc.

So I requested that the room be returned to a "Standard Room" before my Wife came up.

An hour later Reception informed me that the room was cleared and ready to move into.

So my Wife and I loaded up the Bell Boys luggage cart and "Caesar" escorted us to our new room.

The room was just the same as an hour ago - untouched ! Nothing done.

I saw the Concierge at reception who told me he would make it all right for me.

"But you cant make it alright - you've ruined my 40th wedding anniversary"

" I haven't told you what I'm going to do yet. Listen. I'm going to give your wife a nice bottle of wine and a cake"

So I excused myself as I was getting really angry with this band of Idiots.

The Hotel is wonderful but staff are disappointing.

They get abusive when you mention you've been waiting 30 minutes since you ordered a glass of water. Or that the water is warmer than the food.

This Hotel calls itself "Ultra All Inclusive" But you cant get a drink at any bar before 10am. Not even water. At 1am the last bar in the Hotel closes. They take away the glasses. Then start turning lights off.

But it's 24-7 all inclusive ? "Go to your room and order room service"

If I wanted to drink alone in my room I'd have stayed at home !

This Hotel is located in a shabby part of town. Vented sewers outside the hotel and sidewalks with holes to put your foot through.

Get a Taxi from inside the Hotel to the Boardwalk.

There is a Bank across the street outside the Hotel - HSBC - but you'll need to cross 8 lanes of traffic to get there.

There are better hotels in Mexico than Secrets Puerto Vallarta. And a lot cheaper.

Its a shame really, this is a beautiful hotel. Ruined by poor staff. From management to wait staff.





on my way

RE: Secrets Vallarta Bay, Puerto Vallarta.

by on my way »

Uggh! That's terrible. Sorry to read this. But many congratulations on 40 years together! That's quite an achievement.


RE: Secrets Vallarta Bay, Puerto Vallarta.

by /bio/garryrf »

On My Way. Thanks for those kind words.