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Forums » Packing » Anti bed bug packing tips


Anti bed bug packing tips

by bjohnson »

Hello, everybody!

Do you use special packing techniques to avoid bed bug hitchhikers? Usually I pack my clothes in plastic bags but I am not sure this is efficient enough.

I am trying to collect as much information as possible in order to create a full guide for preventing bed bug infestations during travelling. This is how the guide looks so far:

I am open to new and interesting suggestions :)


RE: Anti bed bug packing tips

by /bio/duanediamond »

Bed Bugs are the worst to ever deal with.


RE: Anti bed bug packing tips

by /bio/richardaguilar »

Thanks bjohnson for sharing this. Yes, packing clothes in the plastic bag is a great idea but I do not think that it would be enough for the bed bugs to stay out. Everybody wants to enjoy the vacation with friends and family but nobody wants to bring bed bugs along them. Bed bugs are tiny sucking pest that suck the blood from the human hosts. Due to these dilemmas, the craze of Pest Control Hamden CT management has become pest prevention. Since bedbug infestations are on the rise due to increased world wide travel, an important facet of prevention must now be bed bug travel precautions. Make sure that the hotels rooms are pest free before unpacking your bags, one can also ask questions about the pest control services at the reception of the hotel as well.