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Forums » Panama » Colon on 20SEP for day


Colon on 20SEP for day

by /bio/joskel »

Party of 4 guys will arrive in Colon via cruise ship for the day (6AM - 4PM).  Suggestions for a non-ship promoted tour and/or private tour?  SET review I have found so far are not good (and those is the best ratings).

Have read it is very unwise/unsafe to just walk around Colon from the ship.  Better suggestions?


RE: Colon on 20SEP for day

by /bio/jenniferwhite »


I booked and did this trip last month and it was very fun and great. I was also with a group of friends and we enjoy it becasue we like adventures. I found that website through one of my friends, you can explore other different activities in Colon here