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Forums » Panama » How to climb volcanoes at night


How to climb volcanoes at night

by /bio/phphotoandtravel »

I wanted to share our adventure in Volcano Baru.


We set out to climb Volcano Baru a mere 369 km away from where we were staying. Our itinerary included driving for 6 hours to retirement paradise town of Boquette. From there with the help of guide extraordinaire Armando we would climb the volcano through the night and return the following day.

The journey to the sleepy tourist haven of Boquette is not an easy one. The distance of 369 km is not that extreme or difficult to imagine. I was in disbelief as to why would google maps calculate the driving time to be close to 6 hours. I was confident that it can be done in less than 4 hours. Mistake #1. Construction to expand highway 1 stretched out to encompass almost two provinces and 200 kilometers. Constant stoppages, speed drops from 80 to 30. Maneuvers around tankers, backhoes and other heavy machines. Potholes the size of a satellite dishes and winding roads in the mountains proved google maps correct. To get to Boquette did in fact take me 6 hours and change and it was exhausting enough that wrapping my mind around our upcoming climb up a 3800 meter mountain was too much for me at that time.


The rest of the blog post and pictures please go to my travel blog.