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Forums » Pennsylvania » Heading to Philly!


Heading to Philly!

by /bio/mango »

OK, I have a few questions:

1) What's your favorite place for cheeseteak?

2) Has anyone been to the Constitution Museum? Just wondering how many hours I should devote to it?

3) What area of the city should we book for hotels? We'd like to be in an area that's a bit less touristy, but still central.

Thanks in advance for your help!


RE: Heading to Philly!

by yostwl »

As to less touristy areas--Philly is a big city that aborbs the tourist crowds well.  I guess if any area might be considered touristy it would be the area right around the Liberty Bell and associated colonial/revoluntary war sights.  But even that area isn't like some cities that have block after block of touristy stores filled with t-shirts and made-in-china mementos.