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Forums » Pennsylvania » Taking a road trip. How far in advance to reserve for Gettysburg?


Taking a road trip. How far in advance to reserve for Gettysburg?

by /bio/pheymont »

There are plenty of motels in and around the area, so it shouldn't be a problem...but if your husband is particular, why not search the area online for several he likes, and then make some calls to ask them whether reservations are needed. If they mostly say no, go without—if one is full, they won't all be.

If that doesn't work out, you could make Gettysburg the one fixed date in your road trip, and wing the rest..


RE: Taking a road trip. How far in advance to reserve for Gettysburg?

by narcy »

Hello All! We're coming east (we live in CA) and my husband is a Civil War fanatic, so we gotta go to Gettysburg. We'll be traveling in June. When I do road trips (and we have a month for this one, as we'll be driving across the country, driving around in the East and then giving the car to my sister), I like to play it by ear. But my husband is insisting that we HAVE to get hotel reservations in advance for Gettysburg. Its really the one thing he wants to see on this trip. Does anyone know? I would think we could wing it, but he likes to stay in nice places (no fleabag motels) so he wants to make a schedule. Any thoughts anyone?