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Forums » Peru » Options to travel Peru to visit family


Options to travel Peru to visit family

by /bio/steven8 »

I got a couple of relatives in Peru and while I was looking for the cheapest way to get there, I found a few options to save some money on travel and board. I was looking into some guided group tours, cause that seemed like one of the most cost effective options available, and I even stumbled upon something called a romance singles tour? Do people actually do this kind of thing? Anyways, is it better to visit Peru on your own, or is it better to go in a group? I figured I’ll be meeting my relatives, so I don’t really need a tour. But it’ll be cheaper though. What do you guys think?


RE: Options to travel Peru to visit family

by /bio/miastewart »

This post offers a wide-ranging discussion. Travelling on your own is obviously the best way to save, on the one hand you will spend the money you consider on eating, sleeping, going out, etc. On the other hand, group travel will probably be more expensive, but being organized means you won't have to worry about anything and you'll meet new people. In my opinion I would recommend a group tour, that one you comment on romance singles tour or any one.