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Forums » Peru » Trip Report - Peru, 16-Day Tour


Trip Report - Peru, 16-Day Tour

by Aradise ยป

My wife and I are around 50 years old and wanted to really have a memorable Peruvian adventure(s).

We discovered Peruvian Sunrise, an American owned but employing locals who know Peru well. They came highly recommended by some some friends and we were pleased with our decision. They even helped us with ourt initial travel planning through departure and return. Very reassuring!

One can explore canyons, of course MachuPicchu, Cusco, the Capital of the Incan Empire, Lima with its stunning architecture, the Sacred Valley, Amazon Rainforest, and took a cruise on Lake Titicaca.

The tour is all-inclusive and is set at our pace, which is always leaisurely. The unique flavors of Peruvian cuisine is amazing. The photos and memories of Peru will be forever in our hearts and memories.